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Quince Slab Pie

Quince is the kind of fruit that comes into the kitchen only to mock the cook. Their fragrance is mouth watering, their flavour otherworldly and utterly delicious, but they can apparently only be used to make paste and jelly. Whaaa?? Internet, you must do better by this queen of fruits. Quince are culinary stars that can and should be used in the kitchen in as many ways as possible while the brief season lasts.

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Fruity Frozen Yogurt

My summer holiday has been cut a bit short this year, and I’m happy about it. It’s not every day that I get an opportunity to work with one of my favourite ever food brands. I’ve spent nearly two weeks developing recipes for a local yogurt company, Tree Island Yogurt – of which I have at least half a litre in my fridge at all times anyway.

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